I just spent two weeks trying the newest hearing aid technology with the Oticon OPN1. Take my word for it….it changed my hearing experience in all environments. Try them…you too will love them.

J. Burke

Outreach coordinator, Hearing Loss Association of Virginia

I have been very pleased with my new Oticon OPN hearing aids. Compared to my older (all in- the- ear hearing aids), sounds and speech are much clearer and easier to understand even in background noise. The wind noise is also much less with my new devices even on the golf course. I am especially enjoying the high-fidelity clarity and sound quality of the television using the connectline TV adaptor as well as the enjoyment of listening to music again.

Dan W.

I really enjoy hearing with the new technology of Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids. I can really hear the small details of speech and sounds especially on TV that I was never aware of even with my old hearing aids. It reminds me of a story my wife (who was a school teacher) tells about one of her students who said he never knew trees had leaves on them until he got his glasses. He knew trees were green but never saw the leaves. I am now able to hear and understand conversation at restaurants with a group even in a 3-way conversation.

J. Reynierse